Welcome to Football Community

1. Registered users can post/comment/unlock tips in community.

2. Users who post a minimum of 14 tips per week with a win rate of no less than 70% have the opportunity to become a tipster.

3. When a paid tip is unlocked, the author will receive the commission after the matches finished. The revenue will be distributed as follow: 60% for the author and 40% for the community.

4. Tipsters can post a maximum of 5 paid tips per day.

5. Community has the right to cancel tipsters in the following situations:

- Posts violates the community rules.

- Content of posts contain excessive meaningless symbols and words.

- Win rate consistently below 70%.

- No post for a long time.

- Other behaviors that do not comply with community management.

6. Users can pay for a single match tip or subscribe to tipster for a week/month to view all.

7. The diamonds will be refunded if the match is postponed or canceled.

8. The community is strictly prohibited from publishing content that violates local laws and regulations or related to sensitive topics like politics, violence, pornography, drugs etc., and posting insulting remarks, any links and contact information.

9. The official reserves the final interpretations of community rules, contact e-mail: